Hardwire Kit's

Hardwire kits contains the proper connectors, wires, maps and wiring diagrams required for any custom Unichip installation. These kits includes comprehensive, step by step instructions as well as general guidelines for installation to just about any vehicle currently available on the market today. Because of the shear volume of applications we can’t develop plug and play kits for all makes and models. If there is no plug and play kit available for your vehicle you can buy a generic hardwired kit to install into your vehicle. This is also a good option for turbo and supercharger development. Typically the Unichip will be available for newer vehicles long before other tuning solutions become available. Each hardwired kit come with instructions, wiring schematics and base maps to get the vehicle started which will save days if not weeks in development time. Once the Unichip hardwired kit is installed you can start tuning right away or use one of our ready to go maps for our maps library.