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The NEW i-Driver now replace all diesel X-drivers as well as the X6P drivers.

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Product Description

With the NEW I-driver (Intelligent driver) system you have full control over your vehicles fuel injectors. Can be used in any vehicle to control injector on-time. Ideal for turbo cars with bigger injectors. The i-Driver can be used on gasoline as well as diesel vehicles.

The NEW i-Driver (i6P) now replace all diesel X-drivers as well as the gasoline X6P drivers

i-Driver (i6P)

The I-driver stands for “Intelligent Driver” It is much more than just a injector driver. It has its own modern processor which will sync up with any Unichip Q series
(Must have the latest Unichip Tuning software version 0.10.4 Build 21 or newer)

Main Features:

  1. Full factory injector control, ideal for aftermarket turbo vehicles running bigger injectors
  2. Drive extra injectors fully synchronized with the factory injectors
  3. Increase the on-time with easy one wire connections (no cutting)
  4. Increase the rev limit on vehicles where the factory ECU cuts the injector signals to control the rev limiter

Detailed instructions included
Ships with all wiring and connectors

Increase Injector On-time – Easy One Wire Install (per injector)

Below is a picture of how the i-Driver is used to increase the injector on-time, it is a easy solution because you just have to tee onto the factory injector wiring

Drive Extra Injectors, Fully Sequential and synchronised


Below is a picture showing how the i-Driver would be used to drive extra injectors fully sequential and synchronised to the original injectors. For this you will tee on to the original injector signals. Zero values in the map will turn the injector of (based on load and RPM). Positive values will pulse the extra injector. You can drive up to 6 injectors per driver.

Full control over factory injectors!

The i-Driver can be used to control the factory injectors to increase or decrease the on time. This makes it ideal for aftermarket turbo or supercharger applications when running larger than stock injectors.

Rev limiter removal

The i-Driver can also be used to raise the factory rev limit on vehicles where the stock ECU cuts the factory injector signals to control the rev limiter. It has a very neat “Teach Rev Limit” function which will read the on-time used from the factory injector and record the values to the Unichip tuning software in real time. In other words, it will learn from the factory ECU to write its own map to the Unichip tuning software. With the “Teach Rev Limit” function (if done correctly) it will hardly require and extra mapping to raise the factory rev limiter.

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