Q-Plus Upgrade – New Orders Only


Unichip Q+ Upgraded. This item must be selected before your plug and play kit actually ships.

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Product Description

Upgrade your Q to a Q + (plus) Unichip.

Important note: You can’t upgrade to a Q+ (plus) after your kit shipped because we will have to fiscally swap out your Unichip to a Q+ before your Plug and Play kit actually ships.

What is included?

Your kit will ship with a Q+ Unichip instead of a regular Q Unichip.
It will include the 16 pin wiring kit with wires to be used on the Q+ side of the plug (not shown in picture).

Who is it for?
Any body that wants to get the max results from thier vehicle.

What else would you need?
You will have to have a tuner kit or you need to find a tuner who can install the kit for you.

Why do you need it?
The Q+ has more outputs than the regular Q, if you don’t have enough outputs on the Q you can upgrade a Q+. More outputs can be used to control close loop boost, water injection, shift lights, progressive nitrous control etc. See what is the difference between a Q vs Q+ Unichip.

When not to buy:
If your kit already shipped you can’t select this item. If you already have a plug and play kit and you want to upgrade then you need to buy a Q+ Unichip.

Other Info:
We don’t currently offer a Unichip buy back program. 

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