Training Videos

Unichip Tuning Software Quick Start Videos


Different versions Unichip

Different versions of software

Choose the correct laptop

Tools and equipment

Computer Basics

Basic computer setup to view file extensions

Understanding file extensions

Unichip file extensions

Keeping your files organized

Mouse setup

Software Install All Operating Systems

How to download your Unichip software

How to register your software

How to unlock your software

How to repair your Unichip Software

Software Install Windows XP

How to install your Unichip software on a XP computer

Software Install Windows Vista


How to install your Unichip software on a Vista computer

Software Install Windows 7

Windows 7  UAC (user account control) SettingsIMPORTANT MUST WATCH BEFORE INSTALL!

How to install your Unichip software on a Windows 7 computer

Laptop To Unichip Connection

Identify the Cable you are using

Using the Tuning Pots

Using the USB to Unichip Cable

Using the USB to Serial Cable

Unichip Basic Tuning

What is the V-Tech driver and when do I use it?

What is the Turbo Module and when do I use it?

Software Broad Overview

The schematic in details

Choosing the correct starting or base map

Where to find the starting map?

How to save your Unichip map?

RPM configuration and setup

Configuring the correct load options

How to scale your load site min and max values

How to making timing changes

How to making fuel changes

How to backup your Unichip map library

How to restore your Unichip library from a backup

Unichip Advanced Tuning

Understanding the [now ] values

When to use the FT (full throttle) map option

How to turn the FT map off

How to configure the Unichip to use 14 load sites

How to remove / replace the Unichip connector terminals

Mastering the shortcuts

How to remove road speed – different systems

How to remove road speed – CAN Bus systems

How to test if the wiring is correct (road speed) – CAN Bus System

How to remove road speed – generic sensor systems

Activate and configuring 5 maps

Doing Firmware Updates

How to create a master file

Understanding when to use the Turbo Module

How to wire in the Turbo Module

Easy Boost control

Closed loop boost control

Understanding short and long fuel trim values

How to install the i-Driver

Tuning Strength explained in detail

Tuner Software Trouble Shooting

Error Codes when installing the Unichip Software

Can’t get the Unichip software to connect to the Unichip

Error code 1406 when updating the software (Members Only)

Case Study – Toyota Tundra 5.7 liter

Detailed video to select and scale the load options

Detailed video to remove the road speed up to 120 mph

Detailed video to remove the road speed up to 150 mph

Case Study – Mazdaspeed Protege

Understanding fuel cut

Staying out of fuel cut

Running bigger injectors

Case Study – Porsche 996 TT – 510 HP

Configuring the Unichip

Controlling timing based on boost

Controlling fuel based on boost

Boost setup

Max power at 1.2 bar boost

Enabling 5 boost maps

General Trouble Shooting

The Unichip is not reading TPS

The Unichip is not reading 0-5V 1

The Unichip is not reading 0-5 V 2

I made big changes in the fuel map but nothing changed