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Unichip Quick Start – cheat sheet (What you need for your vehicle) 1 Page PDF 4.54MB Download
Tuning Quick Start – cheat sheet (coming soon…) PDF Download
Configure Map Selection Switch – cheat sheet 1 Page PDF o.5MB Download
Controlling the 02 sensor with the Unichip – cheat sheet 1 Page PDF 0.03MB Download
Fuel Map Add-on – cheat sheet (Throttle Booster) 1 Page PDF 0.03MB Download
i-Driver – cheat sheet (increase rev limiter with) 10 Pages PDF 0.01MB Download
Launch Control – cheat sheet (Advanced) 2 Pages PDF 0.02MB Download
Windows 7 – cheat sheet (Unichip Software installation) 11 Pages PDF 0.38MB Download