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Update Unichip Firmware


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Important Notes:
Make sure to backup your maps before updating the firmware

Before doing firmware updates do the Following:

  1. Restart your computer
  2. Make sure your laptop is plugged into a wall socket (don’t use battery power)
  3. Never unplug the USB cable from the laptop or the Unichip while doing a firmware update
  4. Make sure you have the latest version drivers if using a USB to Unichip cable
  5. Make sure you have power to the Unichip (via USB cable or a 12 power source) (Only use one power source)
  6. Go to Setup > Preferences > Optimize and click on “Auto Calibrate) to optimize the firmware speed
  7. Go to Setup > Preferences > Optimize and set the firmware Baudrate to the lowest baud rate 57600
  8. Go to Setup > Preferences > Optimize and set download delay to 11
  9. Always complete the firmware update cycle, in other words all the steps below should complete
    1. Removing old firmware data (automated)
    2. Cycle Power to the Unichip (user action required)
    3. Load the new firmware (automated)
    4. Load a new map (user action required)

Other things to check:

  1. Make sure you are connected directly to the computers USB port (don’t use a Multi USB adapter).
  2. On newer laptops and computers make sure you are not using a USB3.0 port (see owners manual for you computer)
  3. Close all other software applications
  4. If you use a USB cable with power supply you need to turn the switch off so 

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