How To… Diagnostic Steps for Unichip Tuners

Diagnostic Steps for Unichip Tuners (Q version).

If you have a vehicle with an intermittent misfire or other strange problems the following steps should be done before contacting us for support.

Unichip Map Warning

When diagnosing a Unichip never join the input and output wires together, it will destroy the internal circuit inside the Unichip. If you have to join the input and output wires you must first cut the wires and then join the wires on the ECU side to complete the electrical circuit back to factory spec. NEVER JOIN ANY UNICHIP WIRES TOGETHER on the UNICHIP side! 

  1. Verify that you have the correct schematic.
  2. Make sure you are connected to what the schematic calls for, in other words test to see if the Crank,  TPS or MAF etc wires on the schematic is the same as on the vehicle.
  3. Double check all the connections, make sure the connections is soldered and not just twisted together. 
  4. Verify that you are connected to the correct pins as per the schematic.
  5. Double check that the correct program was loaded. 
  6. Download a zero map and do the rest of the tests with this map. 
  7. Fit a bridging plug and confirm that the problem is related to the UNICHIP ! 
  8. Connect the brown and the red UNICHIP wires directly to the battery +12 and the battery ground. 
  9. Cut and join the  TPS and Fuel wires.
    1. On TPS join pin 11 input (white wire) and pin 23 output (yellow/white wire) SEE WARNING above!
    2. On Fuel join pin 7 input (black wire) and pin 12 output (yellow/black wire) SEE WARNING above!
  10. Cut and join the ignition or crank signal wires
    1.  On HALL or Digital signals join pin 10 input (blue wire) and pin 22 output ( yellow/blue wire) SEE WARNING above!
    2. On Inductive signals (single system) join pin 9 input (blue wire) and pin 22 output ( yellow/blue wire) SEE WARNING above!
    3. On Inductive signals (double system) join pin 8 input (green wire) and pin 20 output ( yellow/green wire) SEE WARNING above!
  11. If you still need help you can contact us via email with the following information:
    1. Vehicle make, model and year.
    2. Modifications, turbo or normally aspirated etc
    3. The drawing or schematic number that was used, FordQ23 etc
    4. Any other information that might be helpfull

 Summary, the idea of the above steps is to check the basics which are:

  1. Supply the Unichip with proper 12 volt.
  2. Bypass the Fuel signal.
  3. Bypass the TPS signal. 
  4. Bypass the Ignition signals.