How To – Running Bigger Injectors

Running Bigger Injector’s

With the Unichip you can use bigger injector’s but because we control fuel though the MAF or MAV sensor on 90% off the vehicles you will be limited to how much you can increase the injector size.

We have found that you can increase the injector about 50% to 90% without any issues on most vehicles. Some vehicles you can even go over 90% larger injector’s but you will have to test it first.

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Things to consider before installing bigger injector’s:
  1. The fuel trims will have to be corrected for with the Unichip.
  2. Will spend more time Tuning
  3. Will have worse atomization with very large injector’s
  4. Fuel consumption might suffer with very large injector’s
  5. Incorrect accel function in the OEM programming will be more apparent
  6. You could spend more time to get the accel values correct
  7. Might experience cold start over fueling
  8. Vehicle might run rough during warm up because of a combination of issues mentioned above

Other options to get more fuel into the vehicle is to

  1. Drive extra injector’s with the new i-Driver
  2. Increase the fuel pressure
  3. Overdrive the factory injector’s with the new i-Driver
    • This is an add-on that ties into the factory injector’s to keep them open longer. The overdrive map is used for actual mapping
Unichip Map Warning

The ECU will set a check engine light if it sees a low or high signal coming from the MAF sensor. If your injector’s are to big then you might trigger the check engine light because you will be pulling the signal to low trying to compensate for the bigger injector’s.

Typical MAF values would be between 0.2 volts to 0.7 volts at idle and 4.1 volts to 4.8 volts at full throttle max rpm.

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