Q Hardwire Kit – Porsche


Porsche all models supported

  1. Easy hadwire installation
  2. Comes pre programmed with maps
  3. Easy to follow instructions
  4. Easily upgrade-able for future add-on's
  5. End user tuning option available.

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Product Description


  1. Easy hardwire installation
  2. Comes pre programmed with base map, low octane and high octane map
  3. Easy to follow wiring diagram included
  4. Quick connectors makes for easy installation
  5. Easily upgrade-able for future add-on’s
  6. End user tuning option or available with the Unichip Tuning software or Reflash Mapping Sofware
  7. Comes with full instructions on how to install your Unichip

What is included

  1. Unichip Q
  2. Connector 24 pin
  3. Wires for 24 pin connector
  4. Instructions (Online)
  5. How to wire the Unichip  (Online)
  6. Maps – pre-programmed with base map, low octane and high octane map

Optional Extras

  1. Tuning Software
  2. Blank Harness
  3. Upgrade to a Q+
  4. Map selection switching device (Flux² or regular 2, 3 and 5 way maps switches
  5. MAP Sensor (a must for turbo or supercharged vehicles)
  6. Other Unichip accessories


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Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1 in
Year Model